Friday, September 27, 2013

Is An Annual Furnace Inspection Necessary?

Fall is officially here, and with it comes the cooler weather. We’re already experiencing a nice cool-down in the Valley of the Sun, and before we even know it, it’ll be winter and (somewhat) cold in Arizona! 

With the holiday season approaching, there are going to be days where you’ll want to warm your home up, but before you do, it’s important to make sure your furnace is in good working order. In fact, manufactures actually recommend a yearly inspection and maintenance by a qualified technician. 

 That’s where we come in. 

The furnace professionals at Arctic Fox Air Conditioning and Heating will perform a complete diagnostic of your furnace to ensure that all problems are properly addresses. Most furnaces are gas fired, but there are some electric ones, and we’re prepared to check either one you may have in your home. 

A lot of homeowners are unaware that a yearly inspection is recommended, and many who do think it’s unnecessary, which isn’t the case. While you may not think your furnace needs an annual inspection, a quick trip to your home by a professional can reveal issues with your furnace that you may not be able to detect.
Here is a checklist of potential problems that we look for: 
  • Look for Any Gas Leaks
  • Inspect Motors and Capacitors
  • Check Pilot Light
  • Inspect Furnace Filters
  • Analyze Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Inspection of Heating Anticipator
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Ensure Proper Sequence of Operation
  • Retest the Flame Sensors
  • Check for Proper Flue Venting
  • Ensure Adequate Make-Up Air
We know that keeping you and your family safe is of the highest priority, so don’t skip your annual inspection. We suggest the end of summer, before it gets too cool, as the best time to schedule your appointment. Trust us, you don’t want to wait until your furnace breaks in the middle of the winter to find out something is wrong. Bonus: If you do it around the same time every year, you won’t forget!

Call us today to schedule your furnace maintenance visit at (623)533-5718.


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